Accessibility Policies Rebel Scum Con

● Service animals must be leashed at all times (unless this will hinder their trained task) and under control of their companion

● Attendees with a service animal will be responsible for their animal at all times for the duration of the event

● Comfort or Emotional Support Animals are NOT service animals and are therefore NOT permitted inside the event.

Texas Disability Law - Service Animals (Click To Read)

● The hotel in which the convention is being held has its own ADA accommodations and accessibility rules and regulations which they must abide by which RebelScumCon does not have control over.

● Any venue accommodations or accessibility questions should be directed to the hotel accessibility and accommodation department at 469-675-0800.

● ADA line passes may be given on a case by case basis at the discretion of the ADA specific team member at registration to applicable individuals if a request for one is made. (Please note that an ADA line pass does not provide admission; a valid event pass must have already been purchased. ADA line passes also do not provide early access to any panels or guarantee seating at any pannel.)

- ○ The ADA line pass is meant to accommodate attendees who, due to a medical disability, can not wait in a conventional line for long periods of time.
- ○ An ADA line pass does not provide immediate access to experiences, it allows attendees to receive a return time to join the VIP line for a specific experience that’s wait is equal to the standby wait time.
- ○ The ADA line pass is for a single Individual to use (If the individual with the ADA line pass is a minor then an adult may accompany them through the VIP line)
- ○ If you receive an ADA line pass you will be given a return time and a return window, in which you will return to the VIP line entrance and go through the expedited VIP line to receive the autograph.
- ○ Wait times for autographs will be determined by the wait time for the signer when the pass is asked for.

● If you have any specific accommodation needs that we are able to provide please speak with the ADA specific team member at registration and we will give whatever support we can to make your time at RebelScumCon as easy as possible.