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At Rebel Scum Con, our mission is to create an extraordinary and immersive experience for Star Wars fans, right in the heart of North Texas. Our centralized location makes it easily accessible to Star Wars enthusiasts across the nation! We are dedicated to celebrating the rich and iconic galaxy far, far away and fostering a sense of community among collectors, fans, and cosplayers of all ages. Featuring a galaxy of Star Wars merchandise, celebrity encounters, and fan-drivenevents, we hope to rekindle the joy of Star Wars collecting.

We thank everyone who made Rebel Scum Con 2024 a very special experience.  Our 40+ guests, attendees, volunteers, vendors, and staff made this event magical.  We learned a lot from this event, and will make 2025 even better!  Stay Tuned here and our social media pages for Rebel Scum Con 2025 information coming real soon!

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Revisit the magic of past conventions and celebrate the incredible guests who have joined us over the years. Our Rebel Scum Alumni page highlights the stars, creators, and contributors who made each event unforgettable. Click through to relive the memories and see the legacy of our amazing alumni!

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